TED Thursday: Were We Born To Swim? Aquatic Ape Theory

March 14, 2013

Have we evolved to be swimmers? Why are so different to chimpanzees? Has living in semi aquatic conditions changed us as a species?

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  1. marc verhaegen says:
    2013-05-26 14:38:27
    Humans didn’t descend from aquatic apes, of course, although our ancestors were too slow & heavy for regular running over open plains as some anthropologists still believe. Instead, Pleistocene Homo populations simply followed the coasts & rivers in Africa & Eurasia (800,000 years ago, they even reached Flores more than 18 km overseas), google “econiche Homo”. –eBook “Was Man more aquatic in the past?” introd.Phillip Tobias –guest post at Greg Laden’s blog
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