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Map of Days Spent in Each Country on the Last Two Bike Expeditions

This is a map to show how many days I spent in each country on both my trip from Korea to Cape Town: the Axis of Evil by Bike and from London to Cape Town via the Middle East. Some countries were just huge and took a long time to cross, others I was stuck in for either illness of visa issues.

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Korea to Cape Town: the African Leg

On Thursday 3rd April 2008 I set foot (wheel) on the African continent for the second time. I have a love hate relationship with the place. I love being there but hate the constant hassle. I love that it so alive and rich but hate that I’m an outsider.

This is a short video from my time there:

Korea to Cape Town: The Africa Leg from Daniel Martin on Vimeo.

Korea to Cape Town

In 2007-2008 I cycled from Korea to Cape Town: the Axis of Evil by Bike. This was my last post in the blog for that trip:

“With the trip done and all the hardwork over I find myself dreaming about the pain again. Wanting more of it. It’s those moments when I’ve backed myself into a corner and am in agony fighting my way out that I remember with most affection, it’s those times I’m proud of. I’ve been finished for three months now and yet I still feel no desire to join the real world. I’ve been spoiled and ruined. I’ve grown too accustomed to seeing and feeling things that rip niches deep in the memory.

I’m going to do another trip. Something bigger, something better; something that will not only welcome me home to the house of pain, struggle and achievement but will hopefully also show others what we are capable of.”